Monday, February 26, 2018

Planning deeper dives on budget models

This blog represents an intent to formalize the budgetary ideas published in other places (notably the B-B-Bowl o' B2two blog) and apply quantitative analysis to these models.  It is necessarily more
verbose and technical than the informal posts.  When we get significant results in this analysis,
those can then be cross-posted back into the more friendly, chatty blogs.

The first informal description of the budget proposal was here:

Some of the pending analysis articles are titled as follows:

Basic Income - Analysis and Advocacy
Carbon Pricing and Taxing - Advocacy and Analysis
Veterans Benefits - Facts and Numbers
US Federal Budget, Deficit and Debt - Tools, Facts and Numbers
Health Care - Facts and Numbers
Means Tested Benefits - Facts and Numbers
Social Security - Facts and Numbers
Tuesday Money and Social Security
Tuesday Budget - Rev A.01